Definitions for "Indian Act"
This is the Canadian federal legislation, first passed in 1876, that sets out certain federal government obligations, and regulates the management of Indian reserve lands. The Act has been amended several times, most recently in 1985 (see Bill C-31).
Legislation that provides the Government of Canada with the legal framework of authority over Indians and lands reserved for Indians, as stated in the Constitution Act, 1867. The main purpose of the Act is to control and regulate Indian lives. A class of people defined by the Indian Act, referring to the descendants of the first inhabitants of Canada, prior to the arrival of Europeans. An Indian is a person who is registered or entitled to be registered in the Indian Register (a centralized record).
The Canadian federal legislation first passed in 1876 that sets out, amongst other things, the rules for determining Indian status, membership in a band and the management of Indian moneys, reserve lands, and resources.