Definitions for "TITLE III"
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Title III of the FCAA Amendments of 1990 (Pub. L. No. 101-549, 104 Stat. 2399), which substantially revised section 112 of the pre-1990 FCAA. Title III contained six sections: section 301 revised FCAA section 112, sections 302-306 established a risk assessment and management commission, required development of new source performance standards for solid waste combustion units (by adding FCAA section 129), and made other changes to the FCAA. CA
a section of the 1990 amendments to the federal Clean Air Act that deals with the control of toxic air emissions
JTPA Act - Dislocated Workers
a Federal Right-to-Know law that affects those that produce or store hazardous chemicals
the "Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986." A law that requires the establishment of state and local planning structures (SERCs and LEPCs) for emergency planning for hazardous materials incidents. It requires (1) location site-specific planning around extremely hazardous substances, (2) participation in the planning process by facilities storing or using hazardous substances, and (3) notifications to SERCs and LEPCs of releases of certain hazardous substances. It also provides for mechanisms to provide information on hazardous chemicals to the public.