Definitions for "Enforcement"
Action taken after a court order has been made to ensure that the order is in fact followed eg: selling property to pay a judgment debt• Civil Courts• Family Court Procedures
Activity engaged in by the Friend of the Court to bring an alleged violator of a court order into compliance.
taking legal action to protect your patent rights
DEC's efforts, through legal action if necessary, to compel a responsible party to perform or pay for site remedial activities.
The employment of legal remedies to obtain payment of a child, family, medical, or spousal support obligation.
In matters of child support, the use of any legal remedy to collect current and/or past due child support from the responsible relative on the behalf of dependent children.
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The level of PII access control that is set in a Tivoli Privacy Manager monitor. If the monitor is set to enforce PII access in real time, a failed conformance check does not allow access to PII-classified storage locations. If real-time enforcement is not set, an access attempt is recorded and the record denotes the access as having passed or failed the conformance check.
The process of determining whether PII can be accessed. The monitor levels are audit mode and enforcement mode. See also audit mode and enforcement mode.
Making the obligations effective; ensuring that they are respected.
procedures by a local planning authority to ensure that the terms and conditions of a planning decision are carried out, or that development carried out without planning permission is brought under control.
a plank or planks in the Aff plan seeking to ensure that the Aff mandates will be carried out. Enforcement can consist of carrots (rewards) for action or sticks (punishments) for inaction or malfeasance.
The use of administrative and/or judicial techniques to convince the non-custodial parent to comply with the court order.
Use of administrative and judicial methods to secure past due support
Money judgements from a court must be recovered by the successful party using the judicial procedures. The best method adopted will depend on identifying the debtor's assets and assessing how best one can get at them for enforcement purposes.
The act of enforcing; compulsion.
the act of enforcing; insuring observance of or obedience to
an industry-wide issue with respect to settlement service providers, and that most providers across the industry desire a level playing field on which to compete, and take their obligations under RESPA seriously
Specifies how the agreement is to be enforced and who pays attorney fees. Many businesses negotiate a clause into leases requiring the parties to resolve any disputes through either mediation or arbitration.
The portion of this department charged with the execution of the parking rules and regulations as determined by the administrators of this department. Persons often associated with this area of the department include but are not limited to: parking services officers, dispatch, and SCAN officers.
The mechanism by which isolation and guarantees are implemented. By enforcing limits on the CPU utilization of one application, processor time can be guaranteed to other applications.
A giving force to; a putting in execution.
That which enforces, constraints, gives force, authority, or effect to; constraint; force applied.
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Please see maintenance enforcement.