Definitions for "Guardian ad litem"
Special temporary guardian appointed by the court to represent the best interests of the ward or respondent in the proceedings. A GAL is appointed if the court decides that the respondent cannot determine his own interests because of impaired ability. Duties end when guardianship proceedings conclude.
a person, usually a lawyer, who is appointed by the court to prosecute or defend a person who is legally unable to do so. This person is commonly used to represent children in a divorce if custody is hotly contested or if there are allegations of domestic violence or child abuse. The fees of the Guardian ad Litem are usually paid by the parents. The Guardian ad Litem is not a representative or advocate for either parent. In some states the Guardian ad Litem may make a recommendation to the court regarding custody.
A guardian ad litem (GAL) is an attorney appointed by a judge to represent the interests of a child who is before the court in a case involving abuse, neglect, foster care, or mental health commitment. A judge may also appoint a GAL in other juvenile or custody matters.
a party and must be served with pleadings and notices according to the civil rules
a special temporary guardian who makes some recommendations and decisions during the guardianship process
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