Definitions for "Recommendations"
After an agency has entered in request records representing their desired budget, DPB analysts work with agencies and the Governor's office to adjust these amounts to best utilize the limited resources available. These adjusted amounts are referred to as analyst recommendations and they eventually become the Governor's proposed budget which is presented to the General Assembly.
The stage in the research process during which the alternative approach to best solve a problem or issue is presented.
Proposals aimed at enhancing the effectiveness, quality, or efficiency of a development intervention; at redesigning the objectives; and/or at the reallocation of resources (DAC).
a virtual reshaping of the model act to smooth the way for boards or shareholders to adopt "majority voting" standards through bylaw changes
One of the two kinds of non-binding act cited in the European Community Treaty of Rome, these are without legal force but are negotiated and voted on according to the appropriate procedure (eg codecision etc). They can be adopted by the European Parliament and Council (if the Codecision Procedure is used), or by the Council alone, or by the Commission in certain circumstances. Though without legal force, they do have a political weight.
Suggestions for the next actions a client could take based on the conclusions of market research.
A set of guidelines coming from the Evaluation Report that may be used to develop new actions for the future.
are actions the internal auditor believes necessary to correct existing conditions or improve operations. (430.05.1)
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a fatal assertion -- and warrants follow-up
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