Definitions for "Conclusions"
The final judgments and recommendations resulting from the assessment information collected about a student.
The interpretation of market research data in light of the research objectives.
In relation to reports on research studies, conclusions are the statements the researchers make about the outcomes of the research, based on their professional interpretation of the study or experiment results.
Keywords:  wbc, lacunae, rbc, treaties, inventions
Contrast all types of connective tissue with regards to:presence and types of fibers,lacunae,amount of matrix and type of matrix-liquid -solid.types of cells. Differentiate the types of WBC’s. Contrast RBC’s with WBC’s. Also give a location in the body for each type of connective tissue
These are one of two main methods the Council uses to signal a political commitment, without the need for binding legislation. They also have the advantage of not needing the Commission to propose them - generally the Presidency will do so. They are of two types: Council and Presidency conclusions, the latter produced on the authority of the Presidency only. The former are generally recognised as needing the agreement of all Member States (and usually of the Commission too). They are Council inventions and tools (ie do not appear in the Treaties), and are of slightly more force than the other method used - resolutions.
are the internal auditor's evaluations of the effects of the findings on the activities reviewed. Conclusions usually put the findings in perspective based upon their overall implications. (430.04.8)