Definitions for "Overall"
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work clothing consisting of denim trousers (usually with a bib and shoulder straps)
a loose protective coverall or smock worn over ordinary clothing for dirty work
This has nothing to do with pants. Overall means just that, over anything else that might be in the way. Overall is usually used when a shield is quartered, to indicate that a charge or ordinary covers the whole shield, not just one quarter, but the term is also used when an ordinary is intended to blot out (parts of) underlying charges, or if charges are intended to blot out (or extend beyond) underlying ordinaries.
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(O ver all) adj: including everything; total; in general The overall accountability for the platoon falls to Capt Mills, the platoon leader.
including everything; "the overall cost"; "the total amount owed"
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Refers to a print whose image or images cover the entire substrate, front and back.
accuracy The overall probability that pixels on the image have been classified properly.
A layout in which motifs are fairly close and evenly distributed as opposed to stripes, borders, plaids, and engineered designs. Another term is allover. Details...
a balanced approach for equitable distribution of a military pension, which might be the largest asset of a marriage
An authoritative reference guide to most processes that you'll encounter in the refining industry. This books let's the reader peek inside the think tanks of the world's largest process design firms and learn what goes into process design. Again, if you're associated with the refining industry, get this book.
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a benefit to most employees but the LSA, as noted, will be phased in over a period of seven years so many employees of small businesses will not see a benefit from the law for many years to come
The general overall score of the ride as a whole. Since the most important aspect of a ride is the actual standalone ride itself, this rating usually matches the Ride Experience rating. However, very high or low ratings on other factors such as theming and landscaping may result in a change of the Overall Rating.
CONTRIBUTION SCORE The Overall Contribution Score (OCS) is a numerical value representing the employee’s contribution to the mission of the organization. It is computed by averaging the scores of the six contribution factors.
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Ref: Rugs & Carpets. A geometric or floral design in the field of a carpet that is a horizontal or vertical repeat.
(95) - indicates material being indexed contains multiple articles or chapters on the same topic.
involving only main features; "the overall pattern of his life"
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