Definitions for "Border"
The outer part or edge of anything, as of a garment, a garden, etc.; margin; verge; brink.
A strip or stripe arranged along or near the edge of something, as an ornament or finish.
To touch at the edge or boundary; to be contiguous or adjacent; -- with on or upon as, Connecticut borders on Massachusetts.
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A narrow, horizontal masking piece above the stage. Borders serve to hide the lighting rig and flown scenery. They also define the upper limit of the audience’s stage view.
Masking hung above the stage.
Horizontal flat or curtain, hanging from bar or grid to mask lights and/or ceiling from the audience.
A boundary; a frontier of a state or of the settled part of a country; a frontier district.
To be, or to have, contiguous to; to touch, or be touched, as by a border; to be, or to have, near the limits or boundary; as, the region borders a forest, or is bordered on the north by a forest.
A frontier between States. The EU differentiates between internal borders (a frontier between two Member States) and external borders (a frontier between a Member State and another country). (See freedom to travel)
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A narrow flower bed.
A garden scheme commonly found in England in which a long narrow bed is planted with a variety of annuals and perennials according to their height. The desired effect is to create a sloping display of color, form and texture.
A defined area in which flowers and shrubs are planted. Usually at least one boundary of a bed is a vertical surface, a wall, a fence, a hedge, a woodland, or a property line. Usually the plants in a border are perennials or shrubs. The expectation is that one will encounter few annuals there. A normal practice is to place tall plants at the back and short ones near the front; however, more drammatic effects occur if this rule is broken a few times in each border.
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An immutable convention of Persian design, usually consisting of a middle band-with one, two or three narrow guard bands on either side.
A visual space around an image, usually 1/2 inch to an inch. A border is needed when a piece is signed and numbered to expose these elements.
Border: The boxing or walls of a cushion or mattress.
the border is the outline of the table. The border is also called the frame of the table. Click for an explanatory diagram
enclose in or as if in a frame; "frame a picture"
an outline of the table and cells of the table that will show on the user's browser
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Border, a 1997 Bollywood war film based on the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. J P Dutta directed and produced this war epic which stars Sunny Deol, Jackie Shroff, Sunil Shetty, Akshaye Khanna, Pooja Bhatt, Sharbani Mukherjee and Tabu.
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the lines between cells.
in SAS/GRAPH software, the line drawn around the entire graphics output area. This area includes the title and footnote areas as well as the procedure output area. See also frame.
a line drawn in the earth or in the psyche that beckons to be crossed
We have taken the border to include all the exclusion activities taken to prevent unauthorised living organisms entering New Zealand. We have regarded chance detections of free-living new organisms at or around ports or container depots as being incursions whereas we have regarded detections as part of the examination of passengers' baggage or examination of freight as non-incursions and thus outside the scope of this review.
A place where one color stops and another color starts. A border implies an abrupt change whereas a transition doesn't.
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a New York based not-for-profit organization that funds and manages Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap, Cambodia
a path of collision, an area along which the cultural practices, diverse histories, and asymmetrical power relations of different groups confront each other
the sari usually has borders along the top and bottom lengths of the cloth. The borders are a main design element when wearing the sari and come in an astounding variety of patterns and motifs.
a special place where the best of t
a special place where the best of two worlds blend together
a special place where the best of two worldsblend together to create something even better
Borders are narrow, woven tape, primarily applied as a window treatment but can be creatively used to adorn screens, panels, cushions, and furniture. Also see trimmings.
A Windows Media Player skin that is embedded in the Now Playing pane of the full mode Player.
A window border. The entire border is represented by a single object, rather than by separate objects for each side.
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To approach; to come near to; to verge.
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a tough thing
a problem and the constant stream of Mexicans coming over it is a problem
a very difficult problem
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a paragraph property that flows with the paragraph
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To confine within bounds; to limit.
an invitation to wholeness, as it marks a place of separation, a wound in need of attention and repair
Page regions reserved for content that you want to appear consistently on all your Web pages. Shared borders usually contain link bars — hyperlinks to the other pages in the current Web site.
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See "Rim."