Definitions for "Nursery"
The place, or apartment, in a house, appropriated to the care of children.
Nursing care charges for newborn babies.
a child's room for a baby
A place where young of any species, plant or animal, are nourished preparatory to transfer elsewhere;
a place where young trees, shrubs, vines, etc., are propagated for the purpose of transplanting; a plantation of young trees.
An area where plants are raised for eventual planting out; has ordinarily both seedling and transplant beds. Nurseries are either permanent or temporary. ( BCFT modif.).
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Cell/s housing eggs and nymphs (Fraser, 1993).
a place where nurses are made A nut that is easy to crack is often empty A nymph hits you -- you're hard disk feel lighter A nymph hits you and steals your virginity
The growth phase from weaning until they enter the grow-finish building.
The part of a fish's or animal's habitat where the young grow up.
a practice conducted by shellfish farmers where very small shellfish are held under conditions that promote growth while protecting them from predators and other environmental hazards.  Generally this intermediary culture step grows the shellfish from post-metamorphosis (post-set) to size large enough to be held in the grow-out system or directly seeded.
a farm of high value crops and therefor, the risks can be high
The second phase of the growout cycle on a fish farm. Nursery fish are usually grown in an intermediate sized pond or pen and fed an intermediate diet.
term used colloquially to refer to estuaries. Many fish species are dependent on estuaries for part of their lives.
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A handicap race for two-year-olds.
A handicap for two year old horses
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That which forms and educates; as, commerce is the nursery of seamen.
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Oxford English Dictionary
The place where nursing is carried on
The place where anything is fostered and growth promoted.
a good place to start
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a must when doing projects
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The act of nursing.
That which is nursed.