Definitions for "Forms"
Data entry forms created to make it easier for humans to enter data into databases.
Forms on Web sites are used to allow visitors to leave information or feedback, such as questionnaires, suggestions or to sign up for newsletters etc.
Allows you to input details on the web, e.g. to search for information or to buy products. They usually include buttons to send or reset the form.
established sets of structural principles (sometimes rules) by which drama and/or theatre is produced and/or critically evaluated. Examples include historical forms such as Ancient Greek theatre, commedia dell'arte, melodrama, farce, or one of the forms of classical Asian theatre, and recent forms such as community and event theatre, contemporary, avant-garde performance, mixed media, or drama on film
Comedy, tragedy, melodrama, farce, absurd, social drama, epic drama, guerrilla theatre, experimental theatre.
(musical): existing structural frameworks that are used to compose music; e.g. binary (AB), ternary (ABA), sonata, rondo, fugue, etc.
different developments within a musical piece armony the sound made by two different notes played at once mprovisation to compose, play or sing ad lib ibrettist one who writes lyrics for operas or plays
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( Plato)
Structures, usually of wood, which are used to temporarily hold wet concrete so that it holds its shape and position until it is cured and hardened. The forms are then removed.
(1) Restraints, such as plywood sheets, to control the shape of poured concrete until it hardens. (2) A general term meaning instruments which are not unique, but printed in quantity, usually with blank spaces to be filled in to identify specific facts.
Holders in which concrete is placed to harden.
indicates the presence of sample forms. For materials about forms, see CINAHL subject heading: DOCUMENTATION or specifics.
Various types of documentation is required as evidence of progress and participation in section 4 of the Mentor Program folder.
The electronic equivalent of their paper predecessors. Results can be sent to a file, database or e-mail.
An insulting or derogatory message usually sent via E-mail as punishment for breach of netiquette. There have been instances of 'Flame Wars', when other people join in the heated exchanges. In either case, not recommended.
a graphical representation of a record in a database
TECHNICAL SUPPORT | Installation |Satellite Glossary Terms | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ANTENNA: The device that sends out and/or receives signals from the satellite. Also referred to as a satellite dish.
The dimension of understanding that considers the mastery of genres and symbol systems, and the ways in which the presentations of genres and symbol systems varies in consideration of audience and context. (see also "Dimensions of Understanding in this Glossary")
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Documents that are required for students and faculty to carry out desired services such as add/drop a class, change a major, approval to take a course at a second institution and repeating a course to improve a failing grade.
Online, interactive forms. They are useful for feedback and taking orders.
The Probate court has standard forms that must be used for filing petitions, such as a Petition to Probate a Will in Solemn Form. The forms are available at the Court or online.
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a key issue in this rulemaking
All forms referred to herein; e.g., "Buyer Delivery Commitment," shall be forms prescribed by the exchange.
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With the proper web programming and server operating system, you can let customers order over the Internet, and pay by credit card. [See CGI
Links on a home page that enter data in a specific way on the server (with CGI). An example might be a name, address and telephone number.
There are many types of forms which are issued by the Inland Revenue for completion in certain circumstances. These include Tax Returns, P60's, P45's and so on.
Clearly associate form labels with their elements by placing them immediately above or to the left of the element
a benefit of membership and is not available to non-members
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See Oracle Forms.
Different kind or variety of the same category or type of policy.
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a bit long winded
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A defined shape and coloring
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a good example
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Federal Tax Forms State Tax Forms