Definitions for "Web Site"
is a collection of World Wide Web pages or files.
a collection of Web pages that are linked together for posting on the World Wide Web
A collection of Web pages associated with a particular organization or subject. For example the YIKES' home page and all of the pages connected to it (that we have created) is one Web site.
An Internet node capable of responding to "http" requests.
a document on the web which is comprised of linked hypertext documents.
A document, usually written in HTML, that displays in a browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape.
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Adding a Workgroup
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A virtual location online designated by a unique URL. A website is made up of one or more webpages.
Word processing Worldwide Area Structure
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white space
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Two words; Web is capitalized
A hosted application that can be accessed by an End user using a browser
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See Web Server.
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another term for a web