Definitions for "Web page"
A document designed for viewing in a web browser downloaded from a web server.
Refers to either the HTML source document or the hypermedia image that is interpreted by a Web browser such as Netscape or Mosaic.
a set of information, including graphics, text, sound, and video, presented in a browser window; a Web page can be found by its URL once it is posted on the World Wide Web
a great advertising tool and it does not have to be fancy nor do you have to acquire any special designing skills
a great place to start
a great tool for todays competitive business environment
a collaborative effort
an important part of NIDA's effort to ensure the rapid and effective transfer of scientific data to policy makers, drug abuse practitioners, other health care practitioners and the general public
an important part of this effort
Keywords:  thimerosal, overview, good
a good overview of the use of thimerosal
a virtual showcase Cyber real estate is more economical than your bricks-and-mortar store or business
a business tool that will improve your marketing plan
an advertising tool
a vital marketing tool for any sucessful business
a wonderful way to supplement the classroom experience and to improve your effectiveness as a teacher
a program, a succession of instructions given to a software body of our machine by the waiter
Keywords:  alien, concept
an alien concept to them
Keywords:  never, brochure, stock, project, date
a brochure that is never out of stock or out of date
a never ending project
a miniature television station
a representation at time t, often composed of other representations
a representation of a resource
an interactive device that does not utilize paper, ink or postage (all of which keep rising in cost)
Keywords:  friends, photos, ideas, anything, want
a place where you can keep friends and family up to date or share your ideas, photos or just about anything you want
a contemporary, efficient and cost effective way to present and promote your message
a good source of conservation-related information and it doesn't take very long to open from a farm computer
a natural extension of student work in school
an extension of teaching
Keywords:  passive, totally, object
a totally passive object
a very long, one on one conversation, distributed across hundreds to thousands of people
Keywords:  quick, easy, way, people, images
a very quick and easy way for people see your work and to purchase images
Keywords:  visual, medium
a visual medium
Keywords:  script, simple
a simple script
a form available under Membership in the left index
Keywords:  advantage, medium, unique, needs, take
a unique medium all its own and needs to be designed to take advantage of its unique properties
Keywords:  modern, card, business
a modern business card
Keywords:  fear, lot, air, work, sexuality
a lot of work to just air ones fear of sex and sexuality
Keywords:  string, characters, long
a long string of characters
Keywords:  evidence, statement, court, law, public
a PUBLIC STATEMENT, as such can be used as evidence in a COURT OF LAW
Keywords:  visit, information, bank, people, group
a person, group or company's information data bank
a place people visit to obtain information
Keywords:  vehicle, communication
a vehicle for communication
Keywords:  step, process
a step in a process
Keywords:  free, service
a free service
Keywords:  electronic, publication
an electronic publication
Keywords:  basic, develop, unit, you
a basic unit from which you can develop a website
Keywords:  hand, open
an open hand
a place people interest in marketing products or services