Definitions for "resource"
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A network data object or service that can be identified by a URL. Resources may be available in multiple representations (for example, multiple languages, data formats, size, and resolutions) or vary in other ways.
A network data object or service that can be identified by a URI. Resources may be available in multiple representations (e.g. multiple languages, data formats, size, resolutions) or vary in other ways. [ HTTP
From Web Characterization Terminology & Definitions Sheet ( 1999-05-24) The URI specification describes a resource as the common term for "...anything that has identity. Familiar examples include an electronic document, an image, a service (e.g., "today's weather report for Los Angeles"), as well as a collection of other resources. Not all resources are network "retrievable"; e.g., human beings, corporations, and bound books in a library can also be considered resources..." (see also the term Web Resource).
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An entity, for example, a pervasive device or a user, that can be managed by Tivoli management software. Contrast with managed resource.
Something that can be shared over a LAN, inclusive but not limited to printer, modems, disk drives & directories.
An entity, such as personnel or equipment, that performs activities or services and normally has a cost associated with that performance.
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Resource files are files used by the recognition engine to assist it in the recognition process, for example, the files that identify handwriting styles are resources, as are files used to recognize data formats, based on lexicons, or regular expressions. This knowledge is compiled into a file format, ready to be attached to a recognizer.
Data defined in a resource file, externally to a program. The resource file contains language-dependent string text and specifications of user interface elements. See also: resource file  resource compiler  Rcomp
A "resource" is a link to a data file (on hard disk, CD or a network drive). It can also be used for a link to a website (a URL such as ""). "Resource" is one of the field types available when you make a class, so you can make references to files from records.
anything that is assigned to an activity or needed to complete an activity. This may include equipment, people, buildings, etc. Generally, it is the individual staff members of whom the project team is composed and to whom tasks are assigned.
A particular object of information provided on the Internet. Can be anything from a picture through to a video or application.
anything used directly by people; in an economics sense, resources may mean stock that can be drawn on (Natural resources are the "stock" of the land; human resources are people and their knowledge, skills, inventiveness, and ingenuity; and resources produced by people include available goods and financial capital.)
a named field inside a widget that can be set with a value by the user in one of several ways
A settable field in a widget data structure. Resources control many aspects of a widget's appearance and behavior. Resources can be set by the designer or the user, or both.
An attribute of a widget, such as fill color, dimensions, or a callback list.
Material, either object, person, or location, that can be used to provide information.
Any document, object, work, aggregation of data
A variable defined as part of the definition of a class. Resource values in objects can be set by using a NhlCreate function or a NhlSetValues function. Resource values can be retrieved using a NhlGetValues function.
A deposit of concentration of minerals for which there is sufficient sampling information and geologic understanding to outline a deposit of current or potential economic merit.
an in-situ mineral occurrence quantified on the basis of a geological data and a geological cut-off grade only and without economic consideration
a naturally-occurring solid liquid or gas that is or potentially may be extracted economically
Any nonexecutable data that is logically deployed with an application. A resource might be displayed in an application as error messages or as part of the user interface. Resources can contain data in a number of forms, including strings, images, and persisted objects.
As a Character Component, any available usable pool upon which Effectiveness or Metagame mechanics may draw, or which are reduced to reflect harm to the character. References: Gamism: Step On Up
As used in this paper, any component of the natural environment that is recognized as having value or usefulness.
Pecuniary means; funds; money, or any property that can be converted into supplies; available means or capabilities of any kind.
A Resource is a SIMUL8 object that allows jobs to take place. You don't need to include resources in a simulation, but if you do then they act as a constraint or switch when attached to work centers. Resources can have shift patterns, so that staff availability can be simulated, and can represent staff or other key pieces of equipment that have limited availability.
An available source of wealth or a supply that can be used when needed.
That which controls an element of appearance or behavior. Resources are usually named for the elements they control.
a configurable attribute of an application
A variable that controls a single aspect of the appearance or behavior of an application or component.
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Windows, pixmaps, cursors, fonts, graphics contexts, and color maps are known as ``resources''. They all have unique identifiers associated with them for naming purposes. The lifetime of a resource is bounded by the lifetime of the connection over which the resource was created.
a text file that allows the compiler to manage such objects as pictures, sounds, mouse cursors, dialog boxes, etc
1. an asset for a Macintosh program, such as a graphic, sound, cursor or window, stored in the program's resource fork. See mctb.
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An online service (database, set of documents) which a user accesses with an Athens account.
The resource or a JID can provide additional information about how a user is accessing a Jabber server. A Resource can be where a user is connecting from, for example home or work, what type of client a user is connecting with, for example a palmPC, or a resource can be the type of client a user is connecting with, for example JIM or WinJab.
An on-line information set or an on-line interactive option. An on-line library catalog or the local school lunch menu are examples of information sets. On-line menus or graphical user interfaces, Internet e-mail, on-line conferences, telnet, FTP, and Gopher are examples of interactive options.
Money, person (or department), physical item or process which can be utilised by Project Team to help achieve a Project Goal.
People, money, material, or equipment required to complete a task. ()
Physical property used to accomplish a mission, program, project, task, or goal. type, identifier description, location, age, quantity; availability equipment, facilities, space, supplies, buildings
something or someone that can be used or referred to, especially when information is needed on a particular subject
something that a place possesses and that can be used..... return
a representative of something, more like an object in a programming language
That which may be consumed by an organism and, as a result, becomes unavailable to another, e.g. food, water, nesting sites, etc.
any environmental feature (biotic or abiotic) of importance to an organism's fitness. Examples include food, nesting sites, shelter, mates, symbionts, or specific places in the environment that are favorable physiologically or for behavioral reasons. Contests are waged over resources.
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A person, asset, material, or capital which can be used to accomplish a goal.
In a technological system, the basic technological resources are energy, capital, information, machines and tools, materials, people and time.
a re-usable source of supply to produce something. Examples include human, financial, material, and information resources. To maximize the efficient and effective use of resources, they must be classified in order to share them and eliminate unwanted redundancy, and controlled in order to receive, store and distribute them properly.
Any of several data structures included in a HATS project. HATS resources include templates, screen customizations, transformations, screen captures, and macros. Other WebSphere Studio plugins sometimes call these "artifacts."
A resource is some artifact outside of the system, for example a book or a Web page. A resource can be described by a reference, which is the representation of that resource inside of the system.
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Functionality (for example, voice-store-and-forward) that can be assigned to call. Resources are shared when functionality is selectively assigned to a call (usually via a PEB time slot) and may be shared among multiple calls. Resources are dedicated when functionality is fixed to the one call.
A name that designates a particular attribute that will affect plotting with PyNGL. Resources can be assigned values. A couple examples of resources are xyLineColors, used for defining line colors in an XY plot, and cnLineLabelsOn, used for controlling whether line labels appear on contour plots. There are hundreds of legal resources.
A piece of data accessed from the IP network. For example, a calendar is a resource.
a block of binary data added to an executable module
a piece of data, or more accurately, some kind of facility which provides access to particular pieces of data
Part of a computer or a network (e.g. memory, storage, port) that is allocated for a running program.
a finite allocation of memory that cannot be recovered, once lost, which is caused by buggy software
a kind of Gift, and will have a degree of effectiveness and power dependent on how many Gift allocations are put toward it
That which Akenti protects. Examples of currently protected resources or resources to be protected in the future include Web pages, scientific instruments, and premium network bandwidth.
Any item on a network that can be identified by a Uniform Resource Locator (URL), such as a web page, a document, or an FTP directory. A resource is often referred to informally as a document.
Any information on the network that you might want to locate. For example, a web page or a word-processing document. Netscape Compass Server locates and indexes resources so you can easily search for them. In this context, resource and document are used to mean the same thing.
Central NY area radio callsign for a hospital that provides medical control and training for ALS services.
a person who performs a service, such as a massage therapist or hair stylist
a provider, service or program offered by state agencies, public and private providers throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
the volume of hydrocarbons contained in a trap or stored in coals
is a material that is found naturally in the environment and is used for food or energy, or to produce other goods, like timber or coal.
the amount of coal in place, estimated with varying degrees of certainty (measured, indicated, inferred) by geological methods
That to which one resorts orr on which one depends for supply or support; means of overcoming a difficulty; resort; expedient.
A commodity that is required by an organism and is potentially in short supply.
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a Windows based tool to recover COBOL or Assembler source code from IBM MVS, VM or VSE load modules
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a compound of an extrenality, and how we use it
a abstraction which contains model elements
an abstract concept or concrete object of interest
an abstraction which can be one of many different types
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an individual datastream
a class or struct that implements System
any computer system, associated networking infrastructure, or service offered by these.
A measurable Internet or system element that represents a service to a Client to meet the Client's requirements (as contracted for with RidgeStar)
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a general term used to describe a physical device or software data structure that can only be accessed by one task at a time
an agent that is required to perform the tasks associated with an activity
Something which is required to complete a task. Resources are characterized by the fact that they have a limited time availability (e.g. an employee that works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week).
a general term for an item or artefact stored in the repository filestore
a table, view or stored procedure
A substance for which there is an identifiable use within society.
a general term referring to a VO element that can be described in terms of who curates or maintains it and which can be given a name and a unique identifier
an individually identifiable asset such as a video or audio clip, an image, or a textual asset
an important role of the Board, both for the future of CPhA and Canadian pharmacy
includes waste
Superclass for Documents and Assets. It specifies the framework for Translations and Revisions, including Workflow.
In WorkflowManager, resource refers to an individual of the company's workforce.
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a concept (a little like a Platonic ideal)
A document, database, discussion group, or URL that can be access controlled.
a bunch of data, accessable via HTTP through a URL with a standard interface of HTTP methods
All that can be addressed by an URL.
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a vast collection of helpful FLAs that will quickly teach you many design and development techniques
From XML Linking Language (XLink) ( 2001-06-27) As discussed in , a resource is any addressable unit of information or service.
a claim of " property " and when related to people constitutes " slavery
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Agent enabled to handle ICD calls.
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an enduring asset with value to the enterprise
a collection of information in any form
a web-site that holds a collection of information and articles related to the sites background interest
a general term describing any source of information, including print, or digital, (e.g., a book, CD-ROM, journal, web site, etc). .
a globally focused, recruitment management company that offers its skills and experience to employers in the IT sector
Any application or service which can be managed for provisioning purposes.
An input to be used in an activity, especially production. natural resource.
an input to a business process, and, unlike information, is typically consumed during the processing
A factor of production, an input or a produced good.
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a reply if one of its types is Reply
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an employee or consultant
any of the possessions or qualities of a person, an organization, or esp. a country
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a triple consisting of a name, a class, and a value
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the ability to deal resourcefully with unusual problems; "a man of resource"
a description of a discrete device with well-defined functionality
a formalized mechanism for loading these sets of culture-dependent items
A substance or place required by an organism for its growth, maintenance and reproduction.
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a means of support
A source of support or help
a company or individual that provides services and/or products relative to the adult Internet industry
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