Definitions for "Database Management System"
A collection of programs that enable the user to access a database. See Database.
Consists of a collection of interrelated data and a set of programs to access those data.
Collection of programs that enables you to store
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In some non-FileMaker equipped offices, a process that involves lifting the computer keyboard and striking it sharply across the top of the monitor repeatedly. Or, in extreme cases, raising the monitor clear of the desk and causing it to soar across the office via a throwing motion.
The separation of data from the computer application that allows entry or editing of data.
An application or group of applications that control, protect, and facilitate access to a collection(s) of data. DAMA web site at real estate investing, investing in real estate, investment
A database system that provides possibilities for users to connect LISTSERV® to a database back-end and, hence, send out personalized messages to customers, according to their demographic information and preferences.
An electronic record-keeping system that provides functions to add, update, remove, and search for records.
The integrated set of programs used to define, update, and use databases, and control their efficiency.
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