Definitions for "Data repository"
an important aspect of a successful data warehouse effort because it contains all the information about the data and processes used to populate and access a data warehouse
A database of information about applications software that includes author, data elements, inputs, processes, outputs and interrelationships. A repository is used in an application development system in order to identify objects and business rules for reuse. An IDR, or integrated data repository, would be a linked or bridged set of data repositories.
A logical partitioning of data where multiple databases that apply to specific applications or sets of applications reside. For example, several databases that support financial applications could reside in a single financial data repository.
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database that contains metadata, or information about data that is stored in a database (e.g., federated data definitions, data aliases, where OLTP and OLAP data can be found).
A structured data storage system that is a database (in the OGSA-DAI sense) that can be used to store and retrieve data.
an open file where authors of articles in GSA journals can place information that supplements and expands on their article, will not appear in print, but may be obtained from GSA
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