Definitions for "Data warehousing"
The act of putting data together in a Data Warehouse.
Combining of databases across an entire enterprise to present a coherent picture of business conditions to support management decision-making.
The process of designing, building, and maintaining a data warehouse system.
The storage of an organisation's data (e.g. medical imaging data) at a remote site, management of which may be the responsibility of a third party. See Application Service Provider (ASP).
A compilation of data from a variety of sources for storage and easy retrieval.
Computer system design in which all information is stored ("warehoused") in a single database. Information is then accessed by users, as designated. This approach ensures full systems integration.
A technique for mining valuable hidden information concealed in existing databases. It involves creating a separate repository for trading data, sales reports, financial information and a whole load more. Once created, this data can be analysed for trends, patterns and other useful information that might not be noticed normally.
The ability of a system to store data resulting from Data Mining to be used in future inquiries of that database.
The process whereby a business that might have several different databases of information can combine the data from the various databases and make it available in a consistent way so that enquiries can be made across the entire data set.
A new advance in data-base management whereby copies of all the data bases in a company are maintained in one location and can be assessed by employees at any locale.
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