Definitions for "Data Store"
The Data Store is the content repository for all data supplied to the Platform by Alexa's Web crawlers. It contains roughly 300 terabytes of Internet content and metadata. See the topic, Data Store, for more details.
a passive object that stores data for later access.
n. A place (such as a database system, file, or directory) where data is stored.
a lightweight database that allows objects to be persistent, and allows objects to easily integrate
an ODBC-compliant database containing persistent configuration information, whereas the zone data collectors contain dynamic information that changes frequently
Represents a table in the database. Sometimes this is the same as the entity.
Element of a data flow diagram shown as a rectangle with no sides that represents a holding place for data and information. 14.17
a Microsoft Access database, it must be accessed via indirect mode
a single file of protected data
A storage area for data, such as a database system, directory, or file.
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a book, or many books
a holding place for information within the system