Definitions for "Operational data store"
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An operational data store is basically a copy of an existing operational database. In the case of HECN AIS, while it will resemble the operational database, it is being stored in a different kind of database and on a different type of large computer. Where the operational data is stored in a hierarchical database (ADABAS) on the mainframe, the operational data store will be stored in a relational database (Oracle) on a Unix-based server. Operational data stores are often used to remove reporting from a production transaction-processing environment. This is done to eliminate the impact that reporting could have on day-to-day transaction processing. In the data warehouse environment, operational data stores are also used to organize data for loading into the warehouse. They can either be temporary storage areas, or as in the HECN AIS case, a persistent copy of the data that will be used for as hoc reporting.
A set of integrated, scrubbed data without history or summarization provided for tactical decision support. ODSs are also commonly used to populate data warehouses and data marts . ()
A type of database that serves as an interim area for a data warehouse in order to store time-sensitive operational data that can be accessed quickly and efficiently. In contrast to a data warehouse, which contains large amounts of static data, an ODS contains small amounts of information that is updated through the course of business transactions. An ODS will perform numerous quick and simple queries on small amounts of data, whereas a data warehouse will perform complex queries on large amounts of data. An ODS contains only current operational data while a data warehouse contains both current and historical data.
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a hybrid of an OLTP system and an analytical system
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