Definitions for "Dataset"
When a database is linked to the graphics software, integrated disparate datasets are referred to as layers of information because they are displayed in map form.
A group of data tables and associated files required for the execution of PTWin32.
A data set is either a table, query, or a view from the data source defined by the DataLink. GhostFill does not support Parameter Queries or Stored Procedures.
a multidimensional array of data elements, together with supporting metadata
A multi-dimensional array of data elements, together with supporting metadata.
In OLE DB for OLAP, the set of multidimensional data that is the result of executing a MDX SELECT statement.
A Highlander Dataset - also known as a hypercube - is a summary measure arrayed by a collection of dimensions. The most common summary measure is the count of records falling in a cell, based on the dimensions defining the cell. Multi-dimensional databases typically contain many datasets.
A homogeneous collection of data records managed as a single entity.
A collection of data over time.
a term used to describe related data files; all the files associated with a single entity (an observation, an archive request, a GIF image) processing through the pipeline are referred to as the dataset
A file or group of files associated with one part of a study or report. Files associated with a dataset might include a Datafile, a machine-readable codebook, SPSS control cards and other files related to the datafile.
an object header that contains messages that describe datatype, space, layout, filters, external files, fill value, etc with the layout message pointing to either a raw data chunk or to a B-tree that points to raw data chunks
a cache of records retrieved from a data source
a great choice for this data object, due to its dynamic nature, flexible representation, and the fact that many
a MicroStrategy report that defines the information that the Intelligence Server should retrieve from the data warehouse or cache that is available to the document
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a subinterface of java
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a set of data values
a set of newswire texts chosen according to pre-specified conditions and meant to represent a rich text stream
The term dataset or "data set" is used in specific ways in different contexts. DCA
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a major component of ADO
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a runtime class
an extremely flexibile method of accessing and manipulating data
Any information resource, digital or non-digital. The I3N Project is especially interested in cataloguing existing Datasets pertaining to invasive species.
an object that includes tabular data which can be represented by using XML format
A quantity of data, considered as a unit. A dataset may occupy one computer file, or several. A DODS dataset is a dataset that is served through a DODS server.
a group of plots you are interested in
a means of grouping data together that is frequently accessed as a group
A grouping of data by subject topic or type.
A data grouping that enables role-based filtering and distribution of data. You can limit the range and quantity of data that is displayed for a user by associating dataset rules with user roles. The result of dataset rules is a set of data that is appropriate for the user's roles.
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a bowl (one that knows about the backing Data Store)
a general purpose container
an object which contains all the information needed to specify a single set of data points
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See Input pattern
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a specific version of a DB