Definitions for "Species"
A group of individuals agreeing in common attributes, and designated by a common name; a conception subordinated to another conception, called a genus, or generic conception, from which it differs in containing or comprehending more attributes, and extending to fewer individuals. Thus, man is a species, under animal as a genus; and man, in its turn, may be regarded as a genus with respect to European, American, or the like, as species.
In science, a more or less permanent group of existing things or beings, associated according to attributes, or properties determined by scientific observation.
A sort; a kind; a variety; as, a species of low cunning; a species of generosity; a species of cloth.
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The type of tree, such as oak, cherry or walnut. Different wood species have different hardness's that affect durability; graining, which affects the board's look; and indigenous color, which can be kept natural or stained.
A specific type of wood such as Red Oak or Maple.
A specific variety of wood, like maple or oak. Some varieties include multiple species, such as red oak and white oak. The characteristics of a single species of wood can vary depending on the region. Oak grown in Nordic regions is harder than oak from the South.
Species is a 1995 science fiction thriller. It stars Natasha Henstridge, Ben Kingsley, Michael Madsen, Forest Whitaker, Alfred Molina and Marg Helgenberger.
In sylviculture, synonymous of species when they are trees.
Refers to the type of tree from which wood flooring is made.
McFarland Cascade supplies four species of trees for poles, which we believe to be the best: Coastal Douglas Fir, Pinus Sylvestris, Southern Yellow Pine and Western Cedar. ( See Details)
A rose whose natural disadvantages have been unaugmented by human interference.
The nature of the alien species is explored to a slightly greater extent in the second film. A professor claims that they originated in the Large Magellanic Cloud (called the Magellanic Galaxy), due to it apparently being the only other place carbon-based life forms have been discovered. It is also stipulated that they were a "cancerous" race that visited Mars millions of years ago and annihilated all life on its surface, (which was Earth-like at that time) before leaving a remnant of DNA in its soil.
The term used to designate a family of gemstones. For example, corundum is a species that contains the varieties sapphire and ruby. The Quartz family contains amethyst, citrine, and chalcedony, to name a few.
See about scientific names.
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Create a GPL ICAP server. Then add IMAP support to it. Different backends will be developed, so you can store the data in a SQL database, plain text files, XML, ...
a morphological hypothesis
a relative thing - it exists with respect to its nearest relative
A predicable or universal idea which expresses the whole essence of a thing.
a class of individuals, each of which is hypothetically considered to be the descendant of the same protoplast , or of the same pair of protoplasts
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A public spectacle or exhibition.
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unique species native to Atriana; there are no humans on Atriana.
Visible or sensible presentation; appearance; a sensible percept received by the imagination; an image.
a relatively small Order of Holometabolous insects with net-veined wings
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a sub-order of the chaotic phenomenon known as life
a lineage (or a closely related set of lineages) that occupies an adaptive zone minimally different from that of any other lineage in its range and which evolves separately from all lineages outside its range
an important point which deserves further investigation
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an ecological unit
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In chemistry, an ion or molecule in solution.
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Specify the species using the box for each nest attempt.
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a cloud of slight variations around an ideal theme
an explosively growing library of such entities
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a chemical variant of a metal
Coin, or coined silver, gold, or other metal, used as a circulating medium; specie.
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Human beings are not the only intelligent species on Earth.
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a standing wave of probability
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The form or shape given to materials; fashion or shape; form; figure.
A component part of a compound medicine; a simple.
A chemical entity involved in a reaction.
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See Model species.
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