Definitions for "Hypothesis"
A supposition; a proposition or principle which is supposed or taken for granted, in order to draw a conclusion or inference for proof of the point in question; something not proved, but assumed for the purpose of argument, or to account for a fact or an occurrence; as, the hypothesis that head winds detain an overdue steamer.
A tentative theory or supposition provisionally adopted to explain certain facts, and to guide in the investigation of others; hence, frequently called a working hypothesis.
idea being tested by experimenting.
Hypothesis is a 1978 album by the Greek artist Vangelis. In May 1971 Vangelis had played several sessions in London's Marquee Studios, joined for some of them by violinist Michel Ripoche, bass guitarist Brian Odger and drummer Tony Oxley. Two albums' worth of material had resulted from these sessions, but were never intended for release.
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an imaginative preconception of what might be true in the form of a declaration with verifiable deductive consequences (Futuyma, pg
a product of the imagination
a summary of a text
summary, found in our manuscripts, of the play's plot and principal characters, occasionally with some information about the original date of production and an attempt at critical evaluation of the work; the most valuable are those by Aristophanes of Byzantium
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a set of Horn clauses described using the language of the Horn clause component of CARIN ALN and concluding on the target concept
a goal that is to be proved, such as "the patient has a tetanus infection" in a medical diagnostic expert system
an opinion that you are trying to prove true
In corpus-based linguistics, an annotation produced by an annotation procedure which can be checked against an annotation key.
a novel suggestion that no one wants to believe
a suggested description of the subject
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a simple speculation
Hypotheses were brief introductions to books supplying the reader with information about the author, content of the book, and the circumstances of its composition.
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a creative act
a set of event streams fully connected by logical and/or temporal operators
a generalization with high uncertainty
a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence
a proposed solution to the problem being considered
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a beginning, not an ending
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a "possibility"
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a claim that needs to be backed up by data