Definitions for "Logical"
According to the rules of logic; as, a logical argument or inference; the reasoning is logical; a logical argument; a logical impossibility.
Skilled in logic; versed in the art of thinking and reasoning; as, he is a logical thinker.
See Logical positivism; Logical atomism; Logical constructs; Phenomenalism; Logical empiricism; Scientific empiricism; Logical explanation; Reasons, good; and Philosophical analysis
one of Kant's four main perspectives, aiming to establish a kind of knowledge which is both analytic and a priori. Hence it is concerned with nothing but the relationships between concepts. The law of noncontradiction (A is not -A) is the fundamental law of traditional, Aristotelian logic. (If we call this 'analytic' logic, then ' synthetic' logic would be based on the oppo­site law of 'contradiction' [A is -A].) 'All bachelors are unmarried' is a typical logical statement. (Cf. hypothetical.)
I, 21-23, 38, 43-44, 65, 71, 73, 121, 130 II, 399, 420, 484 NC I, 10 (no rest in logical meaning), 17 (unlike the selfhood, our logical function of thought does not trasncend the coherence of all modal aspects of meaning), 18-19 (logical diversity is not cosmic diversity), 29 (Anticipatory structural moments find expression in the logical aspect only in the theoretical attitude of thought), 30 (logical order of simultaneity an dof prius and posterius is an aspect of the integral order of time), 39 fn2 (logical or analytical diversity supposes a cosmic diversity of meaning) NC II, 5 (cosmic diversity exceeds logical diversity), 120 (in pre-theoretical thought, the logical aspect is only actualized in its retrocipatory structure), 472
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Notional; having the role of. A physical device may be referred to by an arbitrary "logical" name. A logical device may span several physical devices. In humorous usage, a graduate student substituting for Professor Smith in a lecture might be called the "logical" Professor Smith.
An artificial structure or organization of information created for convenience of access or reference, usually different from the physical structure or organization. For example, the application specifications of DVD (the way information is organized and stored) are logical formats.
1. The way your computer "thinks" about the devices attached to it. For example, one physical hard disk may be partitioned into two or more "logical" disks. 2. The way Mr. Spock thinks about anything. :-)
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Of or pertaining to logic; used in logic; as, logical subtilties.
Consequence of the language-convention. Denial of an implication of the language-convention means violation of that convention. Illogicalities are inconsistent with the language-convention.
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A name you can use in place of or as part of a file specification. These names are easier to remember and type than the full file specification.
an Accounts Receivable file directory
based on known statements or events or conditions; "rain was a logical expectation, given the time of year"
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