Definitions for "Storage array"
A group of disk drives that collectively acts as a single storage system. Two types of storage arrays are available: RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) and JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks). A RAID system provides fault tolerance by storing the same data redundantly on multiple disks, but appears as a single disk. A JBOD is a group of individual disks cabled together in a chassis. JBODs typically include a redundant power supply and may also include some maintenance capabilities.
An intelligent storage device whose software provides functionality such as RAID protection, volume management, and replication. Also called a storage subsystem.
A collection of disks or tapes from one or more commonly accessible storage subsystems, combined with a body of control software. Storage Controller An intelligent controller to which storage devices are attached. Storage Device A collective term for disks, tapes, disk arrays, tape arrays, and any other mechanisms capable of non-volatile data storage. This definition is specifically intended to exclude aggregating storage elements such as RAID array subsystems, robotic tape libraries, filers, and file servers.
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In a frame-transfer CCD or interline-transfer CCD, the portion of the parallel register that is covered with an opaque mask to provide temporary storage for collected charge.
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a method for storing information on multiple devices such as hard drives