Definitions for "HDD"
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Hard Disc Drive
Hard Disk Drives
or HD - ard isk rive (aka Hard drive) the method of storage used by high capacity DAPs. [more...
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Heating Degree Day. An indicator of space heating demand. The heating degree days for a single day equal 65 degrees Fahrenheit minus the average of the highest hourly temperature and the lowest hourly temperature for the day, if greater than or equal to zero.
heating degree day. see degree day.
Heating Degree Days- A form of degree day used to estimate energy requirements for heating. Typically, heating degree days are calculated as how much colder the mean temperature at a location is than 65°F on a given day. For example, if a location experiences a mean temperature of 55°F on a certain day, there were 10 HDD (Heating Degree Days) that day because 65 - 55 = 10.
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Heavy-Duty Diesel
Horizontal directional drilling. See directional drilling.
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Device which stores information on a semi-permanent basis
High capacity digital storage device.
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head-down display