Definitions for "CDD"
compassion deficit disorder. a condition that keeps one from consistently receiving enough new love
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. One of the Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) described in the DSM-IV. CDD is diagnosed when the child shows symptoms of autism but the onset is after the age of 3 years. CDD is usually progressive and the prognosis is usually poor.
Class PBody Childhood Disintegration Disorder
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(Contrat à durée déterminée) = fixed length contract
Contrat à Durée Déterminé (Fixed-term contract)
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Cooling Degree Day. An indicator of space cooling demand. The cooling degree days for a single day equal the average of the highest hourly temperature and the lowest hourly temperature for the day minus 65 degrees Fahrenheit, if greater than or equal to zero.
Cooling Degree Day. Cooling Degree Day (CDD) is a form of degree day used to estimate energy requirements for space cooling (e.g., air conditioning, refrigeration). One cooling degree day is obtained for each degree that the daily average temperature is above the base of 65 degrees F. For example, if the daily high temperature is 84 degrees and the daily low is 60 degrees, the average temperature for that day is 72 degrees F. The daily CDD is 7. If the average temperature is less than or equal to 65 degrees, the daily CDD is zero.
Cooling Degree Day. Difference between the actual temperature, as determined by the average of the high and low daily temperatures, and 65 degrees F. For example, if the daily high temperature is 77 degrees and the daily low is 65 degrees, the actual temperature for that day would be 71 degrees. The CDD's for that day would be 6 (71-65). If the average temperature is less than or equal to 65 degrees, the CDD's for the day would be zero
Community Development Department
Community Development District. A governmental agency created to plan, finance, construct, operate and maintain certain community-wide infrastructure and services specifically for its District. The infrastructure and services are financed through non ad-valorem assessments which are part of your tax bill and are collected by the County Tax Collector . This is in addition to county and other local governmental taxes and assessments. Mediterra, The Brooks, Pelican Marsh, Fiddler's Creek, Lely and Miromar Lakes are some of the local CDD Communities. for more information.
Capabilities Development Document. A formatted document prepared by the user that builds upon the ICD to identify operational performance parameters necessary to design an affordable and militarily useful increment of capability. In addition to identifying performance parameters for the current increment (including key performance parameters (KPPs)), the CDD will outline the overall strategy to develop the full or complete capability through future increments. The CDD supports the Milestone B decision.
Customer Due Diligence. Know Your Customer (KYC) - identification of bank customers on the basis of reliable documentation to contain money laundering.
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Control of diarrheal disease