Definitions for "Documentation"
Instructions translated from Swedish by Japanese for English speaking persons.
the printed or online documents that explain things: identify the parts of your hardware or software, give installation instructions, give directions for use. In programming this includes explanations of the code - why it is written that way, what the code is doing.
The printed operating instructions that accompany a computer or software.
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The citing of sources in a research paper to conform to a given style, such as MLA or APA.
See citation
in one sense, the group of documents used and cited to support a piece of research.
The papers attached or pertaining to goods requiring transportation and/or transfer of ownership.
Drafting and dimensioned drawings in a 2D format, CAD or paper.
The papers that are needed to process your loan application.
The records which document the creation, history, acquisition by the museum and subsequent history of all objects in a museum collection. Such records include provenance and provenience documents, acquisition documents, conservation reports, cataloguing records, images, and research papers, both created by the holding institution and by previous owners or independent researchers, etc. Also used for the process of gathering this information.
Recorded information.
The department's written record for the eligibility determination. A written description of the verification received and how that verification was used in determining eligibility. The process of recording the source, date, and content of verifying information. See: Documentation
(Leasing Documents and Paperwork, "Doc's") Lease agreements are set forth in documentation often comprising of several forms. Documentation varies from company to company, as do requirements depending on the type of lease, equipment, equipment cost, term, equipment configuration and additional provisions if any. Typically the more expensive the equipment is the more extensive the contracts.
all of the information that accompanies an object or specimen
The required paperwork accompanying a shipment such as airwaybill, Export Declaration, Health Certificates.
See "Comments".
A collection of printed pages for a PLC that may include the ladder diagram, program comments, data tables, and other diagrams to provide reference information for operation and troubleshooting.
The process of creating a paper trail to record data such as discussions with employee, results of those discussions, both supervisor and employee comments, and agreements between the two.
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Appropriate documentation consists of verifiable receipts, itemized statements or other evidence of covered expenses (identifying the name of the person treated, dates and description of services performed or, in the case of dependent or child care, showi ng name of child/dependent, date and type of service, provider name and tax ID number. Cancelled checks and credit card receipts are not acceptable forms of documentation.
Material that clarifies, gives instructions or provides evidence of an activity, object or actor. Also refers to the creation or acquisition of such material.
the creation and/or collection of documents which provide evidence for future reference.
Proof of the accuracy of statements made on your finiancial aid applications. Documentation can include any of the following: signed copies, with appropriate schedules, of Federal or State income tax returns; proof of citizenship status; social security benefit statements; proof of unemployment benefits; completed forms required by the Financial Aid Office and any other data needed to verify information submitted on your financial aid applications.
A list of documents that you will be required to provide when submitting a loan application. See "Required Documents" on our selection menue.
Proof of participation in a CE activity. Documentation must include dates of attendance, title and content of the activity, number of contact hours, sponsor name and the signature of the instructor, the sponsor or a representative of the organization that sponsored the activity. In addition, documentation for Category A activities must identify the activity as having been approved by a RCEEM (with a reference number, if applicable).
Printed or on-line information concerning Hardware and Software usage and requirements. WWWebfx Home Page
A certificate that identifies techniques and materials used to produce an edition, as well as total number of prints plus proofs, signed by both printer and artist.
Information available on the edition of a print telling the artist's name, the printer's name, the location of the workshop, the number of prints in the edition, date, etc. Although this is somewhat important in print collecting, the artistic value and the condition of the print are more important.
relative to a student with a disability requesting services at a college, this is a written assessment from a professional with expertise in that particular field of disability. It clearly states a diagnosis, the impact of the disability on learning and possible accommodations. This documentation is required in order to determine the student's eligibility for services and the specific services that are needed. Since there is some variance among colleges as to the documentation required to receive services, students are encouraged to inquire at all colleges of interest.
The process of verifying the presence of a disability.
Any requested information that verifies or supports data reported on the SAR.
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a bit sketchy
a clear attempt to avoid situations such as having an agency meet all the necessary requirements to be in full compliance with NEPA, only to then, for example, request a wetlands permit from the U
The technical specifications that help professionals communicate with one another and transfer knowledge. The "right amount" (not too little and not too much) can also help avoid duplication of efforts and lengthy investigation.
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that focuses its attention on variation s of key control parameters that are critical rather than on those that are progress ing as plan ned. [D00641] PMK87
documentary validation; "his documentation of the results was excellent"; "the strongest support for this this view is the work of Jones"
A HACCP based system must have appropriate documentation to demonstrate it is working effectively.
A 'generic' term that includes Document, Attachment, and Amendment. These items are not available publicly on MERX Public Tenders. They are purchased by suppliers and generally distributed by MERX Public Tenders.
The set of pages, discussions, and information that describes the elements that make up the Referee Management Site. The Documentation is available on the site as the unique Segment called Documentation
The supplying of documents or supporting references. In professional judgment, documentation is used to provide information in addition to that found on the application and need analysis documents, and to provide a history of the student's circumstances for future reference for another aid administrator, an auditor, a program reviewer, or some other third party.
Supplying documents or references to support a position or argument.
Explanatory materials identifying how a system was developed and how to use it.
the process of licensing a vessel in either enrollment or registry, resulting in the issuance of a vessel's official document.
The process followed to establish the authenticity or existence of an object.
The act or process of substantiating actions and/or decisions. To IT it means providing complete annotation for a computer system.
the communication in writing of essential facts in order to maintain a continuous history of events over a period of time.
confirmation that some fact or statement is true
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The explanation of how a system operates.
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a long standing, documented problem at Watts Bar
Written text describing the system, how it works, and how to work it.
The term “Documentation” shall mean written materials describing the functions and utilities of the Customer Web Site.
We were unable to find an IT person who could provide us with a definition for this term.
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Descriptive text.
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a part of its distribution (see next section)
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accounting for and giving credit to the origin of a source
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