Definitions for "Discussions"
Meetings of members of the University, held on certain Tuesdays in Term, at which business put forward by the Council or other bodies in the form of Reports may be commented upon by any member of the Regent House, the Senate or any other member of the University. The proceedings are usually formal rather than spontaneous. It is sometimes the case that a representative of the body that originated the business will be present to speak in defence of the Report. The Vice-Chancellor, or a deputy appointed by him or her, presides. The body that originated the Report subsequently advises the Council on a response (or Notice) to the remarks made, prior to the proposal of any Grace.
A feature for adding threaded remarks about a document.
oneFish Members may add details of an existing electronic discussion list, create a discussion within oneFish, or archive an existing online discussion. See also: KO Comments.
Within the context of a VLE (or the Internet in general) this applies to a software application that allows people to post questions or comments to a common area (or board) where others can respond.
The discussion collaboration feature as it is shown in the Student user interface. Back to top of glossary
Discussions is a place where public messages are posted.
Online "conversations" that take place within central Discussion Areas of the WebBoard. Discussions appear on the left hand side of the screen. One or more discussion areas will be available to you during an event.