Definitions for "feedback"
the process in which part of the output of a system is returned to its input.
Term used to describe condition caused by return flow of electrical energy or sound.
That annoying tone or set of tones that occur because the sound of the speaker is getting into the microphone. It can be caused by the direct sound from the speaker getting into the microphone but is more often caused by the room reverberations that are excited by the speaker getting into the microphone.
response to an inquiry or experiment.
Comments, reviews, ratings, or other responses, often from the people who are being studied or from the people who will get the results of the study.
A rating system that helps community members decide with whom to conduct business with. Users may rate and make comments about the users they have traded with once they have completed their transactions.
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Refers to the specific method used in ABR to tell a transmitting end station to slow down due to congestion in the network.
Just another word for reviews. Many authors demand positive feedback before they post the next chapter of their fanfics. (See also "R&R.")
Feedback is when you contact the author of a fanfic to tell him/her what you thought of it. A common lament you will hear from fanfic authors is that they don't get enough feedback. Every fanfic author loves to get feedback. They love it if it's "I liked your story," and they particularly love it if it's "I liked your story" followed by ten paragraphs on why you liked it. If you ever find yourself thinking, "This story was great," please take a moment to email the author and say so. Don't worry that a simple "I liked it" will sound silly. The author will be happy to hear it anyway. And don't ever say to yourself, "Aw, I'm sure that author gets lots of feedback, she doesn't need mine." Not true! Even if she gets fifty emails of praise per day, she will still be happy to see yours. She can never get enough feedback. Trust us. We know. (However, if you really hate the story, don't flame the author into oblivion. You can offer constructive criticism, but it's usually a good idea to first find out whether the author is interested in hearing it. An author might not appreciate receiving unsolicited "how to improve your story" advice from a complete stranger.)
Communication between the instructor or system and the learner resulting from an action or process.
Advice and commentary given by a teacher on examinations, coursework, or classroom activity. Can be oral or written and helps learners to understand their progress.
1. Information that responds (preferably immediately) to a learner's completion of assignment or task. 2. Technology functions that respond to a user's interactions with the interface. For example, in an online tutorial, the learner enters information and gets feedback about the correctness of their answer (1). When they try to access areas they have already complete, a message box informs them that they have completed this section (2). When they get an incorrect answer they are prompted to answer a series of questions that guides them through a reasoning sequence that logically leads to the correct answer.
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as a process, consists of the organization and packaging in appropriate form of relevant information from monitoring and evaluation activities, the dissemination of that information to target users, and, most important, the use of the information as a basis for decision-making and the promotion of learning in an organization. Feedback as a product refers to information that is generated through monitoring and evaluation and transmitted to parties for whom it is relevant and useful. It may include findings, conclusions, recommendations and lessons from experience.
The transmission of evaluation findings to parties for whom it is relevant and useful so as to facilitate learning. This may involve the collection and dissemination of findings, conclusions, recommendations and lessons learned from experience. Specifically in the context of evaluation, to return and share the evaluation results with those who participated in the evaluation.
Feedback (Albert Louis) is a fictional character, a superhero in the Marvel Comics universe.
Feedback is a fictional superhero created and originally portrayed by actor Matthew Atherton on the reality television series Who Wants to Be a Superhero?. As a result of winning the show, his character will be the subject of a Dark Horse Comics comic book to be written by Stan Lee and will be the featured character in an original Sci Fi Channel Saturday Night Movie. He also has his own audio series written by and starring him, done in collaboration with amateur audio group Darker Projects.
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Quite possibly the leading concept behind TDB album. Read a detailed analysis here.
Feedback is the eighteenth studio album by the Canadian rock band Rush, released in 2004 (see 2004 in music) with eight different cover songs. The album marked the 30th anniversary of the release of the first Rush album (Rush), although the band had been around for thirty-six years. The single Summertime Blues was the official theme song for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)'s SummerSlam pay per view in 2004.
Feedback is the 5th album by the rock & roll band Spirit. Released in 1972, it was the first Spirit album without original members Jay Ferguson and Mark Andes, and it was also the only Spirit album that did not feature Randy California performing on it, as California had left the group to pursue a solo career.
A message that is sent by a user to the SysOp of a bulletin board.
A signal sent to the device user to indicte what selections exist, when to make a selection, and which selection was made. Feedback can consist of visual, auditory, or tactile.
The manner in which the software responds to a user's actions; feedback may be auditory, visual, or multisensory.
Process signal used in control as a measure of response to control action. 2. The part of a closed loop system which automatically brings back information about the condition under control.
The signal or signals used to sense motion, machine control, or process control of the controlled variable and sent to the summing junction or controller to be compared to the setpoint or command signal.
The process by which the information compiled by an evaluation is used by decision-makers to either change the way in which an intervention is implemented, or to bring about a more fundamental change in the basic orientations of the intervention, including calling into question its very existence. See also double-loop learning, single-loop learning.
Any item of information received from customers or their agents, through any source, that may be relevant, or of value, to AusIndustry in improving its products, services or performance to its customers or its stakeholders.
response sent to sender from receiver of message; may be direct or indirect. Feedback describes the closing of the communication's loop where the sender seeks confirmation of the communication from the receiver. Feedback can be verbal and non-verbal as well as spontaneous or rehearsed.
In mass communication, a response sent back to the sender (source) from the receiver.
By the teacher: telling the students that their mangling of the English language was brilliant, excellent, a great improvement, etc, but there are one or two teensy-weensy little areas that might need extra practice. By students: reporting back from a Find Someone Who with enthralling revelations such as "We found that Ari and Ria have never been waterskiing, Wawan, Dani and Sri think Titanic is a good film, and all the class want to go home."
Information conveyed by the teacher to students and their parents concerning progress made on identified tasks.
When teachers (or peers) respond to work in terms of strengths and aspects for improvement. The term 'two stars and a wish' refers to one form of feedback that focuses on strengths while pointing out something that could be improved. Feedback should concentrate on bridging the gap between present performance and desired goal.
specific verbal or other stimuli that are presented after or which otherwise follow a movement cycle as subsequent events, typically differentiated by the accuracy of the movement cycle. Feedback may be a consequence, but can have such designation only after such a functional relationship has been determined.
Verbal or non-verbal reaction to communication as transmitted to the sender. Feedback and Control – As it implements its strategy, the firm needs to track the results and monitor new developments. Some environments are fairly stable from year to year. Other environments evolve slowly in a fairly predictable way. Still other environments change rapidly in major and unpredictable ways. Nonetheless, the company can count on one thing: The market place will change; and when it does, the company will need to review and revise its implementation, programs, strategies, or even objectives.
the ongoing reaction given by an audience to those communicating, which helps them evaluate the success of their communication. Feedback may be verbal or non-verbal (e.g. through facial expressions or action).
5fi:dbAk / n. advice, criticism etc about how successful or useful something is
Response to a check-in from a member in the fellowship who heard it. Generally focuses on the application of recovery or Twelve Step priniciples. In general, NOT therapy or advice. Some meetings may have specific guidelines on what does and does not constitute feedback.
( link / ) Opinions and criticism of the game, generally solicited by the GM from the players.
noun + verb, conduct, elicit or give feedback To tell students how well they are doing. This could be at a certain point in the course, or after an exercise that students have just completed. To communicate to a speaker that you understand (or not) what they are saying.
Response, including corrections, additions, and approval, elicited from users, stakeholders, sponsors, and others, to any deliverable or deliverable component.
An information transmission that produces a circular flow of data in a system.
information that is fed back into a system allowing adjustment and evaluation
It is important to distinguish between two types of feedback - system and reiterative. ... more ...
The information we receive from a variety of senses on the outcome of our movements.
The response you get from your actions. You need the sensory acuity to notice them and then the flexibility to adjust your actions to keep on course for your outcomes.
In psi tests, information about the outcome of each trial, provided either in an ongoing fashion, or once the test is finished; see also Biofeedback.
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FEMMA(tm) technology (Foldable Electronic Memory Module Assembly) fetch
appropriate communication related to performance of data/information flow process.
The process of communication whereby a person can disagree, ask a question, repeat information for understanding, or otherwise talk back in the communication process.
a correct version of the assignment
Large, blue-violet flowers have excellent ruffled form. Sweet fragrance, blooms early and repeats. 36
The inevitable result when the baby doesn't appreciate the strained carrots.
"You can ride my horse, but if he dies, I want my Feedback." We in Louisiana are getting our "feedback" from the politicians on a daily basis. The problem with this lies in that "The feed has already been through the horse"
Communication from customers about how delivered products or services compare with customer expectations.
communication responses from customers that provide vital information on your product/service and will help you respond to your customer's needs
Feedback means information given by customers to the service supplier concerning the quality of service received. It may be informally or formally transmitted; if the latter, this is usually done via customer surveys.
the giving of information about the value, effect, or result of an action or process taken
A computerized shade-matching tool. It uses information from one dye batch to calculate the dye recipe for a new shade.
Constructive information provided by the participants and/or the trainer.
Loud, high-pitched noise which can affect a conference when speakerphones, cellular phones or three-way lines are used.
Flea market Fraudulent Timing Differences
Editor feedback is a method of contacting fellow editors, or groups thereof
Responses provided to an individual while completing a task that are intended to guide the individual to s desired end.
a self-perpetuating mechanism of change and response to that change
the communication of responses and reactions to proposals and changes or to the findings of performance appraisals with the aim of enabling improvements to be made.
As part of psychological assessment, feedback can be defined as an interview held with the applicant about his or her performance in an assessment process which may also have examined professional development potential.
Feedback is communication between the rating official and employee about the employee's contribution during the appraisal cycle. Feedback should focus on the employee's strengths and weaknesses in areas of contribution to the organization's mission, professional development, and career development activities.
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See Acoustic Feedback
The act of changing the form or structure of a term in a source language in order to achieve an easier or a more useful solution to a problem encountered in a target language ( ISO 5964, pp. 2-3).
Normally refers to the completion, by the assignee, of a Quality Performance Report
The process of sharing and clarifying research results with others.
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See climate feedback.
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a new method of teaching
When you turn in your Portfolio, the owner can provide feedback on the answers you provided. You will see the feedback in your Portfolio when it is returned back to you.
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Connecting the blocks in block algorithms
In maintenance. Most commonly used when referring to written description of the work completed on a work order.