Definitions for "Narrator"
A narrator is the speaker or character who tells a story. The narrator may be either a character in the story or an outside observer. The writer's choice of narrator determines the story's point of view, which in turn determines the type or amount of information the writer can reveal. When a character in the story tells the story, that character is called a first-person narrator. The narrator may be a major character, a minor character, or just a witness. Readers see only what this character sees, hear only what this character hears, learn only what this character thinks, and so on. The first-person narrative may or may not be reliable. When a voice outside the story narrates, the story is said to have a third-person narrator. An omniscient, or all-knowing, third-person narrator can tell readers what any character thinks and feels. A limited third-person narrator, on the other hand, sees the world through one character's eyes and reveals only that character's thoughts.
the one who narrates, speaks, tells the story or poem
The narrator is the person who relates an account or story dealing with sequences of events and experiences, though not necessarily in strict order.
POV the perceptual position achieved when being an observer or non-participant of an experience.
One who narrates; one who relates a series of events or transactions.