Definitions for "PWP"
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Porn Without Plot (or Plot? What Plot?) Fanfic of the -errrm- titillating variety. Sometimes slash, sometimes not. Like the name says, Plot is *very* optional. Sex (or sexual activity) is not.
"Plot, What Plot?" or "Porn Without Plot" depending on who you ask. This refers to a fic that is pure smut, without any worthwhile plot or insight.
"Plot-What-Plot?" A story that contains only sex with no messy plot stuff in the way.
Planning Work Program
Project Work Plan. The schedule of tasks, durations, and dates to accomplish a project. A high level work plan shows the standard deliverables for the process; the detailed project plan shows the project-specific tasks.
PlotWhatPlot. Straight to the point(no pun intended). Mentions sex within the first paragraph or so and describes it too
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Photoworks Image File
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Acronym for people with Parkinson's
plasticized white phosphorus
PURCHASE WITH PURCHASE. Consumers purchasing a product are given the opportunity to buy an additional product at a reduced price.