Definitions for "Slash"
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A character used to separate the parts of a pathname.
The term Slash originated from the / in a particular 'ship pairing. Before there were named and designated 'Shippers, there were fic writers. Ficwriters who gave us the likes of Kirk/Spock, or Mulder/Krycek, and created the term 'Slash'. It means a pairing is Boy-Boy or Girl-Girl, and generally features heavy smut. Your FAQ Queen would thus direct you to Days of Our Unlives for some serious slashy goodness.
Although almost ALL the books have male/male relationships, I would think slash is more of a short story instead. so The only slash short stories that are available are the short stories. i.e. Twelve, and Rhubarb. Slash is simply a story that involves male/male relationships.
Slash is a database-driven web application server, using Perl, Apache and MySQL. It is the code that runs Slashdot. For forums and support, please see the website. Mailing lists and CVS are here on
Slash is a database-driven portal system that uses Apache/mod_perl and MySQL. It offers a database abstraction layer that makes it easy to port to additional databases. It has been programmed to use persistance for a good deal of its variables to increase speed and efficiency. It was designed for running large portals but can be used for smaller personal web logs as well.
To cut by striking violently and at random; to cut in long slits.
a more skilled guitarist than Keith Richards, easily
Saul "Slash" Hudson (born on July 23, 1965) is a guitarist best known as a former lead guitarist of the hard rock band Guns N' Roses, and as lead guitarist of Velvet Revolver. Aside from his renowned guitarist talents, he is also known for his long curly black hair, his signature oversized top hat, and usually a cigarette dangling from his mouth.
a "group weblog" focused on information architecture
Slash (a backronym for Slashdot-Like Automated Storytelling Homepage) is the open source collection of Perl modules and stand-alone programs which runs Slashdot, one of the oldest and most popular collaborative weblogs in existence. Slash was originally written by Rob Malda. It was later rewritten for version 2.0 by Patrick Galbraith, Chris Nandor, and Brian Aker.
Slash was one of the first punk rock-related fanzines published in the US. Founded in 1977, the large-format tabloid focused on the Los Angeles punk scene, though it did not restrict itself to local acts: its first cover featured Dave Vanian of The Damned. It regularly covered such L.A. bands as The Screamers, The Skulls, Nervous Gender and X.
a tremendous resource for our community and it would have been a great loss if Michael had retired the site," said Christina Wodtke, AIfIA President
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To lash; to ply the whip to.
To crack or snap, as a whip.
beat severely with a whip or rod; "The teacher often flogged the students"; "The children were severely trounced"
The mark used to separate parts of an Internet address: .
a path separator, and any other use is not supported
A slash is a line that separates file and directory names. This is a slash /. There are actually two kinds of slashes a forward slash / and a backward slash\. The Web uses forward slashes /, for example:
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The blue robot henchman. RB: 1
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Swampy or wet lands overgrown with bushes.
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To cross out another tagger/crew's name. Meant as an insult or a challenge.
A statistics aggregating and reporting tool for site traffic. Directories are monitored for flat files of request data sent from various projects, and these are ingested into an RDBMS for common, behavior-based, project+institution-based traffic reports
Another name for the root directory. See also root directory.
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A rapid turn off the top of the wave - hopefully throwing loads of spray off the top.
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When Num Lock is on, the Slash key acts as a division sign on the numbers entered. When Num lock is off, the Slash key types a /.
In the design of advertisements, the slash is in the shape of a bar or bubble that contains information topical to that specific insertion. One is usually sufficient.
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see under Categories.