Definitions for "Topical"
Of or pertaining to a place; limited; logical application; as, a topical remedy; a topical claim or privilege.
Pertaining to, or consisting of, a topic or topics; according to topics.
Of or relating to a drug applied topically or on a localized area of the body or to the surface of a body part.
of interest at the present time; "a topical reference"; "a topical and timely study of civil liberty"
Often used interchangeably with "thematic."
(1) Stamp or cover showing a given subject. Examples are flowers, art, birds, elephants or the Statue of Liberty. (2) The collection of stamps by the topic depicted on them, rather than by country of origin. See also Thematic.
Resembling a topic, or general maxim; hence, not demonstrative, but merely probable, as an argument.
of or relating to or arranged by topics; "a detailed record on both a chronological and a topical basis"
Relating to an issue or subject drawn from current events or that is of immediate interest to the audience.
Refers to all categories of a certain language (e.g. Arts, Business, Sports) which organize sites primarily by their topic, as distinguished from the Regional category. Related terms: Regional
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jokes about current events.
Administration of a drug directly to the area being treated