Definitions for "micro"
The word micro means small, or referring to one item in a system. When pertaining...
In relation to composites, denotes the properties of the constituents, i.e., matrix and reinforcement and interface only, as well as their effects on the composite properties.
The prefix meaning one-millionth.
a current acne treatment that many
a medication designed for the topical treatment
an oil-free prescription medicine indicated for topical application in the treatment of acne
a registered trademark of OrthoNeutrogena
a registered trademark owned by OrthoNeutrogena
a lateral move
Refers to tumors usually located in the lateral aspects of the pituitary which are surrounded by a pseudo capsule which contain secretorygranules of prolactin. Microadenomas are 1 CM, AND MACROADENOMAS ARE 1 cm. Hypotheses for their origin include reduced pituitary dopamine concentration and/or a vascular isolation of the adenoma cells.
(Microcomputer) When desktop computers first appeared in the 1970's, they were often called microcomputers, later shortened to micro, to distinguish them from the so-called minicomputers of the day, which far from sitting on a desk were a good deal bigger than it! There was also a popular home computer called the BBC Micro, now obsolete.
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a nifty lil idea
Short for micro management. In RTS s, it's the ability to manage your economy, battles, and miscellaneous tasks (such as researching technology and fixing buildings and units) simultaneously. For instance, if you manage your battles well but forget to tech, and your opponent manages both these things well, your next battle with him will most likely result in a loss.
a data file containing information about individuals or individual units; organized for analysis by single units.
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The fabric is knit with an ultra thin yarn - so thin that 27 miles of it would weigh less than a teaspoon of water! The thin yarn makes it ultra-soft and drapeable.
a panel that holds less than one acting entity
Axial embryo in minute seeds, less than 0.2 mm. long; minute and undifferentiated to almost total size of seed.
organisms Yeasts and fermenters naturally present in milk and milk curd.
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a water-based gel that can be applied immediately after you wash your face,
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Long-distance bus.
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a limited or highly detailed view of a data or functional set
Parent Term: Surface_details
The measurement of the roughness of a surface in microinches of roughness height.
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a significant
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Short for micromount.
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a naturally occurring form of