Definitions for "bladderwrack"
A seaweed with a long hisotyr of use as a medicinal plant; contains iodine; used topically for rheumatism as an anti-inflammatory, internally for hypothyroidism.
Derived from thallus of Fucus Vesiculosus. Bladderwrack is a seaweed. This extract is recommended for toning the skin and stimulating cell activity. Great in baths, bladderwrack provides various minerals and salts that cleanse and refresh the skin.
As A Treatment"...Fucoidan is a type of dietary fiber in bladderwrack that contains numerous sulfur groups..."
similar to and found with black rockweed.
common black rockweed used in preparing kelp and as manure.
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(Herbal) Beneficial to scalp.
Is an excellent adrenal stimulant, it is packed with vitamin K, and can be used to help the recovery of arthritis, gout and all sorts of illness recovery.