Definitions for "Gotu Kola"
Blood purifier. Commonly used to help protect and repair or heal the skin, blood and nervous system. It combats stress and improves reflexes. Anti-depressant, improves memory and reduces mental fatigue.
An herb (Centella asiatica). Gotu Kola, also known as hydrocotyle or Indian pennywort, is quite abundant in swampy areas of India and Sri Lanka, South Africa and tropical regions of the New World. The crushed leaves are commonly consumed in the form of a salad or tea. It is a member of the family Apiaceae.
Helps the memory and is good for the nerves; Although probably first used in India, this herb has a tradition of over two thousand years in China. Known as the "memory" herb. Gotu Kola stimulates the circulatory system and is considered a nerve tonic. It is said to improve learning ability and memory, and to have a calming effect.
Rebuilds energy reserves and increases mental and physical powers.
Improves blood flow, supports vein function