Definitions for "Damiana"
A Mexican drug, used as an aphrodisiac.
Used as an enrgy tonic and is useful as an anti-depressant. Increases blood flow to the uro-genital system.
Category: plant / herb Scientific name: Turnera aphrodisiaca As Damiana's scientific name suggests, this herb is reputed to be a sexual stimulant. It is also used traditionally to treat impotence.
Keywords:  mandrake, patchouli, sage, white
Mandrake Patchouli White Sage
a small shrub with yellow flowers which produces small fruits similar in shape to figs The medicinal part of the plant is its leaves, which are harvested during the flowering season
a yellow-flowering plant that is frequently found growing in climates that are relatively hot and humid including Central and South America and in a few regions in the United States