Definitions for "Patchouli"
A small shrubby mintlike plant (Pogostemon cablin syn. Pogostemon Patchouli) of the East Indies, yielding an essential oil from which a highly valued perfume is made.
The heavy perfume made from the patchouli plant.
A musky exotic oil which soothes and uplifts the spirit. Useful in protecting dry, mature or blemished skin, Sensual properties, Musky aroma lingers. Used to scent linen and clothes. Can prevent sleep with its nerve stimulating properties.
Keywords:  woodsy, chapped, hint, calming, eases
Woodsy, containing a hint of sweetness. Calming, eases tension. Benefits: Moisturizes dry, chapped and mature skin.
Can evoke feeling of insight and inspire harmonious flow of energy.