Definitions for "Rosemary"
A labiate shrub (Rosmarinus officinalis) with narrow grayish leaves, growing native in the southern part of France, Spain, and Italy, also in Asia Minor and in China. It has a fragrant smell, and a warm, pungent, bitterish taste. It is used in cookery, perfumery, etc., and is an emblem of fidelity or constancy.
This is a very aromatic herb. Fresh rosemary leaves are very soft and can be chopped or minced and cooked with the food. When dried, rosemary becomes harder and crisper. Sprigs of rosemary are commonly used when cooking food, as they can easily be removed before the food is served.
Revives, warms, stimulates and restores. Excellent for refreshing tired muscles, feet and mind, allowing concentration. Helps combat water retention and cellulite. An 'ideal pick me up'. Combats fatigue and clears stuffy atmosphere. Caution: Avoid during pregnancy. May irritate sensitive skin.
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