Definitions for "Costmary"
A garden plant (Chrysanthemum Balsamita) having a strong balsamic smell, and nearly allied to tansy. It is used as a pot herb and salad plant and in flavoring ale and beer. Called also alecost.
It's silvery leaves have a minty/lemony flavor. It is used in salads, to flavor soups and in dishes containing chicken, and veal. Elder Elder flowers can be made into a cordial and used as a basis for fruit salads. Elderberries are used combined with other fruit such as crab apples to make jam or jelly. The elderflowers are best not eaten raw. Hop Cook young hop shoots until they are tender and serve with melted butter and lemon. Cook along with other leafy vegetables to make a summer soup Lemon Balm It has a tart/sweet flavor. It is used in salads and with meat and poultry. Lemon Verbena It has a very lemony flavor, so when used in cooking, you don't need very much. You may find it dried, more rarely you will find it fresh.
A herb ( Chrysanthemum balsamita).