Definitions for "soup"
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A liquid food of many kinds, usually made by boiling meat and vegetables, or either of them, in water, -- commonly seasoned or flavored; strong broth.
A flavored liquid based on meat and/or vegetable extracts in water, milk or occasionally water only, with added ingredients. Cooking Tips: If our soup turns out to be too oily, and we want to quickly collect the fat, then wrap some ice cubes in a towel and dip it into the soup. It will immediately work as a magnet and collect the fat. If it is too salty, reduce the salt with either tomatoes if it is suitable or with a little brown sugar or cut a potato into slices and put in the soup to boil for a while, that way it will absorb all the salt.
Pollo Guisado, black-eyed peas, and gumbo are the kinds of soups you might want to eat with a fork! 0 Recipes ยป 1 Sub Categories
n. colloquial. The developer solution used to develop film, esp. B/W solutions. You can "dilute the soup" "formulate your own soup" or "put the film in the soup". It can also be used as a verb as in "I will soup the film tonight" or even "I got the film souped at the local lab". Occasionally you'll see a commercial brand name added as a modifier: "Rodinal soup" or "D-76 soup" etc. _______________________________________________________
a Latino-American film executively produced by Samuel Goldwyn Jr
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dope (a racehorse)
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soup is a helping tool to the development of automated test cases for Swing based GUIs. It intends to provide recording, playing and code generation for GUI's relevant events. With the code generatted, one might use JUnit or JFCUnit to create the approp
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Soup is the second album by the band Blind Melon. Though considered by some to be one of the band's best albums, it was poorly received due to poor exposure, bad critical reviews, and Shannon Hoon's death at around the same time as the album's release. Also, many of the songs have a much darker perspective than Blind Melon's debut.
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The Simple Object Update Protocol (SOUP) specifies an content-transfer model for digital "appliances" like cameras, printers, scanners, picture frames, personal digital assistants, cell phones, machine control systems, and so on. SOUP standardizes simple but important communications between content-rich devices. It uses Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) messages to push content from one device into another. The approach resembles the way web browsers pull content from web servers. More at
SOUP (Simple Offline Usenet Protocol) is a standard, similar to QWK, for reading and posting to Usenet using an offline reader. It never attained much popularity, but it provided a convenient method of Usenet access during the brief period of the 1980s when it was easy to get a dial-up shell account on a college workstation, but difficult to use or configure SLIP or PPP.
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To sup or swallow.
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Soup is a children's novel by Robert Newton Peck.
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To sweep. See Sweep, and Swoop.
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an unfortunate situation; "we're in the soup now"
a warm-blooded winner with equal emphasis placed on taste buds and heartstrings
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The white water after a wave has broken.
The white water where a wave has just broken.
any composition having a consistency suggestive of soup
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See Population.
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To breathe out.