Definitions for "HPL"
High pressure laminate is an extra-hard fusing process used to manufacture laminate flooring. The surface, inner layers and backing layer are fused in a multiple step press operation. This process creates the most durable laminate construction.
High Pressure Laminate. The most common and preferred flooring surface for use in data centers. HPL can be manufactured with conductive carbon molecules embedded in the surface to provide electrical conductivity to dissipate static electricity.
High Pressure Laminate. High pressure laminate is constructed of special phenolic resins and papers to form a hard, scratch, stain, and dent resistant surface laminate. An HPL is used where a surface must withstand rough commercial type use yet retain its original appearance.
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orizontal rotection evel.
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Hollow Point Lead Punta Hueca de Plomo
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human placental lactogen
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See HiPerLink.
High Performance Leadership (Program) A program of advanced leadership. It is a requirment for the AL award but may be completed at any time. It involves performing a project demonstrating leadership.
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Health Profession Loan
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Handheld Patient List - a list of all patients on the handheld
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European Mercury Vapor