Definitions for "Buffing"
Hides are often buffed with a large sanding machine to minimize the appearance of gross surface imperfections such as wrinkles or healed scratches in the finished product. This process makes leather more uniform, but also obliterates the natural grain and markings that make each hide unique and naturally beautiful.
The treatment of leather using sand paper to create appearances such as nubuck, or to eliminate unsightly imperfections and correct the grain. The effect is a more consistent, albeit synthetic, finish.
Mechanical finishing in which fine abrasives are applied to a metal surface by rotating fabric wheels for the purpose of applying a lustrous finish.
Gaming terms. Refer to preparatory actions taken prior to combat, usually involving the casting of spells.
Refers to preparatory actions taken to combat, usually involving the casting of beneficial spells.
To buff means to paint over any form of graffiti, ussually done by the cities anti graffiti enforcment, or members of community service, or the owners of the private property. Buffing, is the process of taking a paint roller or any other type of tool to go over graffiti and no longer make it visible for the time being .(haha) Buffed- meaning graffiti has been already buffed gone over whatever, we think you get the point.
Any petting, kissing or massaging of rabbits; e.g., "buffing a fluff".
A technique where the alignment layer on the LCD substrate is rubbed in one or more directions. This process aligns the liquid crystal molecules parallel to the buffing direction. See alignment layer.