Definitions for "Glazing"
The act or art of setting glass; the art of covering with a vitreous or glasslike substance, or of polishing or rendering glossy.
The glass set, or to be set, in a sash, frame. etc.
The glass, glasslike, or glossy substance with which any surface is incrusted or overlaid; as, the glazing of pottery or porcelain, or of paper.
A finishing process that produces a high luster by treating cotton thread with wax, starch or chemicals.
First calendering, in which paper is passed through a roll nip to give it a smoother surface
A thin coating applied to some fabrics to create a sheen or luster.
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Or Balling Heels. Trimming and smoothing the Heel with a Heel Bal l [Devlin, 1840] Uses a Glazing Iron.
Smoothing a textured stock with controlled heat and pressure to give a shiny effect.
The process whereby a brake lining or disc rotor becomes smooth and glossy due to excess heat.
An added step for achieving color uniformity and depth, and for highlighting the wood's grain pattern. It also is used for tortoise shell, marble effect, or antiquing.
In finishing, an added step for achieving color or to heighten grain appearance.
Formation of a layer of the material being sanded over the cutting edges of abrasives grains. It can be avoided or minimized by proper selection of abrasive, contact wheels, use of fluids or greases, or changing belt speeds.
Corporate-speak for sleeping with your eyes open. A popular pastime at conferences and early-morning meetings. "Didn't he notice that half the room was glazing by the second session?"
The skin of the greenhouse that transmits light.
Light-transmitting materials used to cover a greenhouse.
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Also known as scumble, complies of tint and clear glaze
Use of special putty to fill minor imperfections when doing body repair. Also see spot glazing.
Manipulating translucent media over dry surfaces to create varied visual effects.
High pressure pressing of the filter medium at elevated temperatures; fuses surface fibers to the body of the filter medium.
A protective and decorative coating, often coloured, that is fired onto the surface of some tiles.