Definitions for "Veil"
Keywords:  chalice, velum, pileus, paten, obscure
Something hung up, or spread out, to intercept the view, and hide an object; a cover; a curtain; esp., a screen, usually of gauze, crape, or similar diaphnous material, to hide or protect the face.
A cover; a disguise; a mask; a pretense.
A membrane connecting the margin of the pileus of a mushroom with the stalk; -- called also velum.
thin cloth draped over head, sometimes to cover face. Used for modesty and mourning.
To dream of wearing a veil suggests that you are ashamed or feeling embarrassed about something. A bridal veil however, can suggest changes in your life for the better. A black veil of mourning can signify current disappointments.
1. Invisible field of etheric energy separating the physical from the psychic senses, surrounding a person in the inside of the aura. 2. The film over some babies at birth; usually denoting the child will be psychic.
An ultra thin mat similar to a surface mat, often composed of organic fibers as well as glass fibers.
a metallic coating applied to hot glass and then covered with more clear glass so as to trap the color
a metallic coating that is applied to the hot glass, and then covered with clear glass, thus trapping the color inside the sculpture
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The calyptra of mosses.
A layer of tulle used by the bride as a headpiece.
a vestment worn by a priest at High Mass in the Roman Catholic Church; a silk shawl
A decorative headdress worn by brides.
In Blake the veil is typologically related to the temple veil between the holy of holies and the worshippers, traditionally rent at the moment of Jesus' death on the cross. Veils are also associated with coyness, blindness, selfishness, self-enclosure, the body, and the hymen. See also Vala, weave/weaving/woven.
an inclusion that appears wispy and silver or mirror-like
Featherlike inclusions in transparent gem materials. They usually consist of tiny liquid or gas-filled cavities within the stone. Sometimes called “fingerprint” inclusions.
is a uniformly distributed silver deposit in a photographic image, not forming part of the image itself. Also known as fog.
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See Hijab.
Veil is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe. Her first appearance was in New Mutants Annual #7.
a wonderful dancing partner and each one has its own personality and set of charms
used in middle eastern dance. The veil is very popular in middle eastern dance.
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a thin, nearly-see-through cloth that allows you to see the general outline of what is behind it, but not the details
On the altar, a seasonally colored cloth that is placed over the pall.
The boundary between the world of the dead and the world of the living. It preventes the Keeper from being loosed on the world of life. The veil has many layers at different levels of the underworld, and many seals which must be protected in order to keep the Keeper in the Underworld. The veil requires a delicate balance which exists in many places, including within those with the gift and can be breached under the right conditions, allowing interaction between the worlds of the living and the dead.
The barrier between the Worlds