Definitions for "Sulphide"
a glass-clay paste cameo incrusted in glass
A whitish clay image carefully matched to the expansion of the glass which is placed in a paperweight or vessel wall. The air in the clay gives a silvery sheen to enclosure, looking like matte finish silver. According to the book "Sulphides", enclosure is done blowing out the end of a flat bubble, inserting the heated sulphide, reheating and sealing the end, then reheating and sucking the air out through the pipe.
a white ceramic object that has been cast and fired in a kiln, then encased in glass to produce a marble, paperweight, button, or other object
A binary compound of sulphur, or one so regarded; -- formerly called sulphuret.
Minerals consisting of a chemical combination of sulfur with a metal.
A mineral compound of sulphur with one or more metallic elements.