Definitions for "Zirconium"
A rare element of the carbon-silicon group, intermediate between the metals and nonmetals, obtained from the mineral zircon as a dark sooty powder, or as a gray metallic crystalline substance. Symbol Zr. Atomic weight, 90.4.
A chemical element with atomic number 40. Zirconium was first identified by Martin Henrich Klaproth in 1789. But the discovery is credited to Jöns Jakob Berzelius who successfully isolated the element by heating potassium zirconium flouride in 1824. The name zirconium is derived from zargun, Persian for like gold. Symbol: Zr. Related to transition metals.
Zr. Element 40, atomic weight 91.22, a hard, grayish, highly flammable crystalline metal that dissolves in hot concentrated acids. Used in steel manufacture and in nuclear reactor chambers because of its transparency to neutrons. Its silicate is used to make zircon used as a gemstone.