Definitions for "Thallium"
A rare metallic element of the aluminium group found in some minerals, as certain pyrites, and also in the lead-chamber deposit in the manufacture of sulphuric acid. It is isolated as a heavy, soft, bluish white metal, easily oxidized in moist air, but preserved by keeping under water. Symbol Tl. Atomic weight 203.7.
A soft, malleable, rare, bluish-white metallic element; used in the manufacture of alloys and, in the form of its salts, in rodent and ant poison.
CAS Number: 7440-28-0. A sparsely but widely distributed poisonous metallic element that resembles lead in physical properties and is used chiefly in the form of compounds in photoelectric cells or as a pesticide. Chemical symbol: Tl. Molecular weight = 204.3833 g/mol.
The MCL is 0.002 mg/L, but a MCL Goal is 0.0005. Thallium is associated with hair loss, changes in the blood, and kidney, digestive, and liver problems.
Found naturally in soils and is used in electronics, pharmaceuticals, and the manufacture of glass and alloys. The MCL for thallium is 0.002 mg/L or ppm.
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A substance that is given through an IV line and is often used for a heart stress test.
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