Definitions for "Metalloid"
Now, one of several elementary substances which in the free state are unlike metals, and whose compounds possess or produce acid, rather than basic, properties; a nonmetal; as, boron, carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur, chlorine, bromine, etc., are metalloids.
Having the properties of a nonmetal; nonmetallic; acid; negative.
(4) a class of elements chemically intermediate in properties between metals and non-metals including boron, silicon, germanium, arsenic and tellurium. Electrical semi-conductors and their oxides are amphoteric (capable of acting either as an acid or a base). Also called semi-metals.
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Formerly, the metallic base of a fixed alkali, or alkaline earth; -- applied by Sir Humphrey Davy to sodium, potassium, and some other metallic substances whose metallic character was supposed to be not well defined.
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Having the appearance of a metal.