Definitions for "Boron"
A nonmetallic element occurring abundantly in borax. It is reduced with difficulty to the free state, when it can be obtained in several different forms; viz., as a substance of a deep olive color, in a semimetallic form, and in colorless quadratic crystals similar to the diamond in hardness and other properties. It occurs in nature also in boracite, datolite, tourmaline, and some other minerals. Atomic number 5. Atomic weight 10.81. Symbol B.
(B) B. Element 5, atomic weight 10.811. Hard yellow crystals or brown amorphous powder, used as a neutron absorber in nuclear chemistry and as a hardener in alloys.
CAS Number: 7440-42-8. A metalloid element used in metallurgy and in composite structural materials. Chemical symbol = B. Molecular weight = 10.811 g/mol.
a mineral that possibly plays a role in maintianing strong bones. It affects calcium and magnesium metabolism and may be needed for proper cell membrane function. No RDA has been established. This nutrient is essential for some higher animals but has not been proven to be necessary for humans. You can find more information and obtain boron in our Bone Essence(tm).
Boron plays a major role in helping to prevent osteoporosis by helping build and maintain healthy bones. It helps reduce the loss of calcium and magnesium in the urine, which is needed to help build strong bones. Boron elevates levels of serum est... read more ... Usefulness: N/A(0 ratings) by Andersen777 () Rate It! this definition is ... useful somewhat useful incorrect spam / offensive
Boron is an essential mineral in the testosterone production chain of synergy. Results in muscle growth & more intensity.
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A strong metal powder often added during the construction of graphite shafts to provide added strength at the hosel end.
A premium lightweight man-made fiber that is five times as strong and twice as stiff as steel. Boron has the highest compression strength of any composite material. It also has high modulus.
Boron is usually added between .0005-.003% to significantly increase the hardenability, especially for low carbon alloys. It does not affect the strength of ferrite, therefore not sacrificing ductility, formability or machinability in the annealed state.
Hyperpigmentation Radiography
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Idiopathic Riboflavin
Boron-10 content may be as low as 19.1% and ashigh as 20.3% in natural samples. Boron-11 isthe remainder in such cases.
As A Treatment" Boron in the form of its sodium salt has been used by man for over 2,500 years as a flux for welding gold and as an embalming agent by the Egyptians..."
Boron in water sources comes from the residues of detergent formulations that are present in treated sewage effluents. The concentrations present in water do not present any risk to health. 2000 µg/l
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A chemical present in Pern's soil.
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Infertility Seizures
Boron has been shown to help the maintenance of optimal skeletal integrity. Apricots
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Immunization Sanitation
As A Treatment"...These substances are readily absorbed by damaged skin and by mucous membranes..."
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Moon Planting
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