Definitions for "Samples"
Keywords:  grail, physicists, holy, sort, dna
a sort of holy grail of much DNA research performed by physicists
Pieces of material, that are suspicious to be made of or including hazardous materials. Taken with the intention to proof the existence of the suspected materials by chemical analysis later on. facility domain
Reasonable requests for random samples are mailed at no charge.
Find the invitation you are interested in and click on the image. Click on "request a sample" link located top right of large view of image.
n pl: 1. the well cuttings obtained at designated footage intervals during drilling. From an examination of these cuttings, the geologist determines the type of rock and formations being drilled and estimates oil and gas content. 2. small quantities of well fluids obtained for analysis.
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a key component of the FBI's 'landmark' new policy
a significant impediment to solving missing persons cases, some of which are the result of foul play
are brief clips of instruments or vocals that can be manipulated, combined, and layered to create complete songs.
Copies of print projects kept by print shops to show to potential customers. Much like a designer's portfolio, a print shop's sample supply changes as new work is printed and old work is given away to prospective customers.
We have a sample library on this web site. You can down load copies of scans of real sample finishes. We would be pleased to provide a real concrete sample when you have made a choice.